About Us

The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is one of the initiatives of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group  (SSBMG), a community of innovation practice and an action research knowledge mobilization initiative of the Strategic Innovation Lab at Toronto’s OCAD University, Canada’s largest design school. 

We are a group of business entrepreneurs, research professors, and systemic designers working together to produce a concrete vision to help all businesses flourish with new definitions of success that integrate social, environmental and economic factors.

You can read a personal introduction to the project and our story to date by our convener and program director Antny Upward in this deep dive presentation from February 2016.

Our Team

Management Team
Antony Upward – Project Director & Convener, Principal of Edward James Consulting
Peter Jones, Ph.D. – Associate Professor in Design at OCADU, Managing Partner at Redesign Network
Stephen Davies – Assistant Professor Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCADU, Managing Director of Transformation by Design
Bill Craig – Director at Genuine Wealth
Bruce Stewart – Lecturer, Business Management and Entrepreneurship at IBT College


Core Team


 First Explorers Community Animator

Other Close Friends of the Project

  • Harvey Weisfeld – Better My Business
  • Ondine Hogeboom – Lean for Flourishing Startups
  • Kelly Kornet
  • Kritika Sharma