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Our vision is that a successful business creates tri-profit:  financial rewards, social benefits and regenerates the environment.  It does this by sustaining “the possibility for human and other life to flourish on this planet forever” – an idea first put forward by MIT Scholar John Ehrenfeld. As our contribution to this audacious goal we want our Flourishing Business Canvas to be used widely for both non-commercial and commercial organizations.  Therefore, ultimately it will be released under a creative commons license without usage restriction.  The canvas is a key component of our forthcoming Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit, which will be simultaneously released with the canvas in book and other forms. But in the mean-time we would love you to:

  • Experience the Flourishing Business Canvas –  come to one of our workshops
  • Use the Flourishing Business Canvas in your organization –  join our “First Explorers”
  • Contribute to its further development – financially or in-kind – join our “Marquee Supporters”
  • Undertake research using it – join our community of researchers

To explore how these possibilities can help you reach your goals please contact us at inquiry@FlourishingBusiness.org

About the Flourishing Business Canvas

Click on the play button for this ~3 min audio / visual introduction to flourishing (aka Strongly Sustainable) business and the Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit that includes our collaborative visual design tool – the Flourishing Business Canvas:  

License Toolkit for Free by Becoming a First Explorer

  • The Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit, including the current version of the Flourishing Business Canvas is still in development. 
  •  It is NOT licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.
  • This is to ensure we can help you in your use of it, and help us to learn from your experience.
  • We ask that before use you connect with us inquiry@FlourishingBusiness.org
  • When you contact us, in addition to providing you with a free “First Explorers” license for use, we can also offer a cloud based version of the canvas, additional help documentation, and some limited support.
  • All this in return for your commitment to openly share with us your experiences using the tool – so we can make improvements before its ultimate wide-spread and free-to-use release.


Professional Services

We offer for-impact investors and businesses integrated flourishing enterprise coaching, assessment, diagnosis, design, value discovery & learning services that are enabled by the Flourishing Business Canvas with related tools and methods. Learn more at www.BetterMy.biz and contact us info@BetterMy.biz to explore how we can help you create your flourishing enterprise.  

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